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TS Dating has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. You’ll find that with the rise of technology, millions of people have found their way to online dating, and want to meet real single transsexuals, and more. While there are many that love TS porn, many seek to make their fantasies reality, and that’s where transgender dating sites start to make sense.


The following is a review of the top sites that you’re going to want to consider. While there are a lot of sites that promise TS dating, not all of them are going to help you get the right connection. If you’re looking for ladyboys dating service, or perhaps want something a bit more, you’ll find that these are going to give you a chance to fulfill the need you have.


To Register Or Not



As you move forward with the transgender dating review below, you’re going to find that some sites ask you to register and even pay for membership. Some people don’t want to immediately give money to a site that may not be good. That’s why the following top 5 has been written. If you encounter registration options, do it. When you register, you are going to help get more and more people to join the site, and you could find that one shemale that is going to be the love of your life, or at least for the time being.


There are a variety of different dating site types, and while some are free, some are more direct in what they do. The point is to look at the sites, register, and then see if you find your match by looking around. Finding transsexual women to date can be very difficult in the real world. That’s why it’s imperative that you look at the rankings and understand that these are the best options for you.


Ranking The Top Sites


For those that are not looking at dating, and just want to look at porn, then you may want to look at sites like There are plenty of pay sites that are linked to dating sites, but offer more videos and webcams than actual dating. If you are looking for something, more however, the top 5 sites below are going to help you.


Within the last year, transgender issues and changes to the social norms and opinions have allowed dating to become easier. Think of the celebrities that are getting a lot of attention today. People like Andre Pejic and Laverne Cox are getting a lot of attention, and putting themselves out there as transgender. This has helped the following websites grow and get more attention.


The interesting thing about the internet is that you can find people that are like minded. If you’re gender normative, queer, or just want to meet fun TS singles, then you will be able to find others like you online. The following top 5 transgender dating sites are the best that we’ve found, and could help you date, and possibly find true love. It’s going to be fun, no doubt.


The Top TS Dating Sites Today

#1 Date A Crossdresser  




This website is one of the larger sites for Crossdresser dating. It has millions of hits monthly, and has profiles that reach into the millions. It is backed by larger dating sites, and it funnels in profiles from a variety of other pages within the TS dating community. IT has a lot of people joining, chatting, and promoting the site, with a lot of attention on dating and hooking up. If you are looking to meet like minded transsexual singles, and you want to go beyond just chatting, this is a site that will make you feel welcome.

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#2 Crossdressing 



Crossdressing is a website that has managed to get 70,000 plus members to join. This is a dating site that mixes up the idea of TS dating, and allows a lot more exploration. It’s an easy to navigate website, and lets you communicate at first glance for free, then you will have to sign up for a full membership. This site has a lot to consider, as some of the profiles are actually escort options, which may be something you want to think about. While this site has been noted as being smaller than the #1 site mentioned above, it is a great option for those that are seeking friendship, dating, and even hook ups. It’s a mixed media site with a lot of options.

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#3 TS Dating

TS Dating is the number one website that you are going to want to look at in regard to dating. This is a site that has been growing by leaps and bounds, and it has a lot of singles on the page. If you’re looking at dating a transsexual, the chances of meeting someone on this site is going to rise exponentially. There are a lot of profiles here, lots with images, and the profiles are updated on a daily basis. You will also find that you can use the free trial to get started, and if you want to sing up and pay for registration, you will get access to the full site. The free option is great, but you will want to pay for the upgrade so that you can get momentum in your dating process. This is a large site with a lot of people to meet, date, and have fun with.

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#4 Find A Shemale Lover 


This is a smaller website. It is getting momentum, but only because it focuses on the dating element of transsexual experiences. Other sites seem to push hook up culture, but this is not that type of site. This is a page that gives you a lot of freedom to talk to others, and to date people that are within the TS spectrum. You can find that with this page, a focus on flirting is given, and while it’s an easy site to use, it is a bit smaller than others. You can be limited with this one.

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#5 Single Transexuals 


This site may not seem like a great one, but it is within the top 5 because it still has a lot of upside. There are people that are joining daily, and it’s fascinating. The site is easy to use, and lets you look through ladyboy articles, personals, and meet transgendered singles in your area. It is not nearly as large as some of the other pages on this list, but if you register, you can join others in meeting like minded TS individuals. It’s a good, small, friendly site, and will no doubt continue to grow.

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Why You Should Register Overall With A Transgender Site


At the end of the day, the top 5 options above are going to help you meet someone new. If you’re serious about dating, hooking up, or just befriending others that are transgender, it’s time to sign up for these options. Transgender people are united on these pages and are looking for you as well.


These communities online are interesting, and often give you a free trial solution. If you sign up for a free trial, you will no doubt see a lot of options. Go with them. If you go with the registration, you may very well find a transsexual that you’ve been dreaming of, and enjoy a new social world. The internet has allowed people of all ages and backgrounds finally meet others in the TS community. Test the top 5 above, and see how amazing your life can be.

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